Transforming Lives Since 1996

Because HIV/AIDS affects everyone, Christie’s Place is dedicated to fulfilling our promise to successfully support and serve our clients and community.  We maintain an underlining principle of hope and instill a sense of empowerment to all of our clients.  It is this very experience and our open doors which make us a unique resource and endowment to the community.

For nearly two decades, Christie’s Place has built a staff  who are dedicated to strengthening individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.  We continue to be an agent of social change through our commitment to transforming lives by bettering the health and wellness of our clients.  Our integrity, expertise and longstanding foundation in the community, along with the delivery of family-centered and comprehensive social services, cultivates hope and empowers women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Christie Milton-Torres / Legacy

Christie’s Place is dedicated to the memory of Christie Milton-Torres, a loving and caring wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. Without her loving guidance, support and perseverance this haven would not be possible.

Christie Milton-Torres dreamed that one day there would be a haven for women, children and families living with HIV/AIDS. In 1985 at age 20 Christie was diagnosed with HIV and her husband, Angel, was diagnosed two months later with AIDS.  Fortunately, their only child was born HIV negative even though at that time there were no medications developed to prevent mother-to-child transmission. In 1987 Christie took the lead in addressing HIV after providing an interview portraying what life was like as a wife and mother living with HIV in San Diego.

At a time when very few women were speaking out about their experiences with HIV, Christie became a spokesperson and advocated for the needs of families living with HIV/AIDS. In an early interview with El Sol del San Diego newspaper Christie talked about what life was like for a family living with HIV.  She said, “HIV doesn’t discriminate.” Christie knew that long before others were recognizing it. She was a tireless advocate for the needs of women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS.  Christie buried her husband in 1992 and died of complications due to AIDS in 1994.

April 2016 marked twenty years since Christie’s parents, Irene and Doug Milton, made her dream a reality by founding Christie’s Place. Christie’s legacy lives on as Christie’s Place transforms lives by providing education, advocacy and support services to women, children and families living with HIV/AIDS. What started as a small grassroots organization has grown into a comprehensive support center guided by its mission. With a small staff as well as volunteer support our center now receives more than 22,000 visits annually and serves over 1,400 clients.

We utilize a wrap-around psychosocial and multidisciplinary model of care that serves the entire family, not just the infected person. At Christie’s Place clients can access a substantial range of services provided by expert staff and a network of collaborative partners that empower women and families to help themselves and each other.

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