Ingrid Guerrieri, LMFT

Mental Health Therapist

Creative, Reflective, Courageous

Ingrid Guerrieri first learned about Christie’s Place at the Dancing with Hope retreat. She was impressed by the love and care put into the retreat. When she learned more about Christie’s Place, she was amazed at how comprehensive the services were and how they led to a sense of warmth and collaboration. In most contexts the work she does focuses on privacy and holding spaces of intimacy and deep vulnerability, so she rarely got the chance to integrate social events where people can meet. Going to the retreat and asking about what Christie’s Place does, got Ingrid excited about spaces that create opportunities for our community members to meet and support each other. Some of her many favorite memories at the agency took place at the retreat, and others include watching the women of Christie’sPlace take back their power, live by their values, and reclaim their place as protagonists of their own story. Perhaps it is her lesson of learning one’s story that inspires her life’s book name titled, “In good company.”