Karina Rios

Aging and Family Services Specialist

Patient, Kind, Humble

Karina Rios learned about Christie’s Place through an Indeed hiring ad. Karina knew she wanted to be a part of a positive and empowering environment, and decided to apply after reading about the mission of the agency. Something that inspires Karina is change. Whether these changes are big or small, they can be pivotal moments in one’s life. She honors that change has the opportunity to teach patience and adjustment. While these adjustments can seem uncomfortable, she understands that they are often necessary for personal growth. If Karina had to name a book about her life, it would be titledLove and Understanding. Karina‚Äôs friends and family refer to her home as a mini zoo. She owns four animals and a fish tank! In her freetime, Karina enjoys camping, hiking and cooking. In the few weeks that Karina has been at Christie‚Äôs place, she has really valued all the support from her coworkers and is looking forward to creating memories at the agency.