Miguel Hernandez

Case Management Supervisor

Blessed, Dependable, Loyal

Miguel first learned about Christie’s Place from Alfonso Quezada while he was working at the LGBT Community Center. Our agency’s mission to support women, children, and families that are impacted by HIV is what caught Miguel’s attention. While Miguel has several memorable moments at Christie’s Place, his most memorable is when he started the Walk and Learn Group. He says, “It was amazing seeing this brand-new group grow at a rapid speed and seeing all the participants really enjoying themselves creating a community.” When asked what inspires him, Miguel says that hefinds inspiration in his son Alex, in the resiliency of our clients, and from life itself. In his several year’s cases managing at Christie’sPlace, Miguel has learned the importance of meeting clients and staff exactly where they are, and to servewith empathy. Additionally, he has learned not to assume or judge anyone. If he had to write a book about his life, it would be called, Live, Love, Laugh and Learn