Sofia Castillo

Case Management Coordinator


Before joining Christie’s Place, Sofia was a homeless outreach worker in downtown San Diego. Through her unhoused clients, she heard about Christie’s Place and the housing support that we offer to the community. It was our focus on family that interested Sofia to apply since she grew up in a large family. She says, “It feels good to share the warmth, love and support of a family system with our clients.” Sofía joined Christie’s Place during the holiday season, and recalls her most memorable moments as the way staff went out of their way to help her feel included. She was touched by the holiday cards and gifts she received, “despite being a virtual stranger to the rest of the staff.” When asked what inspires her, Sofia says, “I am inspired by Christ, and by the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. The world can be a cold and scary place for many of us, especially for the marginalized groups that I have worked with. I am overwhelmed with emotion when I am able to be a part of someone’s victory against the obstacles in their life. “‘ Sofía’s life book would be titled,” ¿Quien te Manda?” This was the saying that her mother used to tell her as a representative of the choices she’s made in her life, and how she has learned to be a better person through her experiences.