Capacity Building Services

Christie’s Place has developed a model of trauma-informed behavioral health and social service provision that has drawn heavily from over 25 years of experience working with women, children, and families impacted by HIV as well as from leaders in the field of trauma-informed care including SAMHSA and the Office on Women’s Health. Christie’s Place’s model consists of six core components that accommodate and address the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors and facilitate client participation in treatment. These components include:

With a mission of empowerment, Chistie’s Place encourages a woman’s choice and voice in her care and treatment.

Explicity recruits women living with HIV to hold positions on board, within staff, and as volunteers.

Education is provided at all levels of agency involvement and support for engagement in services and service provision is provided.

Inclusive of both ambiance and physical location, promotes access to services that are based in awareness of the impact of trauma, violence, abuse, stigma and discrimination.

Programmatic practice is based on an understanding of trauma and its impact on the health and wellness of women.

Christie’s Place staff members provide technical assistance and capacity-building training to agencies that wish to implement more trauma-informed practices in their work. Please call Rhea Van Brocklin at 619-702-4186 or email to learn more about how we can help your organization!