HIV Coordinated Services Program

Christie’s Place’s Ryan White Part A HIV Coordinated Services Program for women, children, infants, youth, and families successfully brings women and families impacted by HIV in San Diego out of isolation, provides mutual support, and ensures timely entry, access to and retention in the full continuum of HIV care and treatment. By utilizing a wrap-around, psychosocial and multidisciplinary model of care, Christie’s Place serves the entire family, not just the person living with HIV. All services are bilingual, culturally appropriate, gender-responsive, and trauma-informed. Seventy-one percent of Christie’s Place staff members provide bilingual and bicultural services to individuals who need or prefer to communicate in Spanish and 100% of staff members represent communities of color, specifically the Black/African American, Asian, and Latinx communities. Key Activities Include:

Christie’s Place provides clothing, hygiene items, and emergency food to clients in need.

For many women who seek treatment and knowledge but have young children requiring care, Christie’s Place provides childcare and babysitting services during medical, mental health, and support group appointments. 

In order to cultivate a close-knit and family-centered culture, Christie’s Place hosts family activities throughout the year. 

Christie’s Place offers a computer lab and resource library to clients. We also help clients learn how to use technology and access virtual services.

Christie’s Place offers Afternoon TEA (Treatment Education and Adherence) and Mesa Redonda social groups to learn about the most up-to-date information on medication therapies, solutions to barriers to care, and specialized topics for people living with HIV.

Christie’s Place has robust partnerships with local agencies that support our community members and clients. We can offer warm hand-offs if clients need additional support through outside agencies.

We can help you find a great medical provider to assist you in caring for your HIV and other medical needs.

Onsite HIV test counselors can help you find out your HIV status and provide direct linkages to PrEP.

Our case managers help clients create meaningful plans to address barriers to linking to and sustaining medical care, recognize and celebrate everyday successes, and find solutions to help them live their best life.

Mental health individual, couples, and family counseling – Christie’s Place offers therapy for individuals who have mental health needs. Our therapists are well-versed in offering various therapeutic modalities and flexible hybrid meeting options.

Our Peer Navigators are women from the community living well with HIV.  They outreach to the community to link women living with HIV to services at Christie’s Place and beyond.

Support groups – There are agency and non-agency-led support groups that have been meeting at Christie’s Place for decades. These groups are led by our mental health therapists, peer navigators, and/or community leaders and provide camaraderie and community to people living with HIV.

Transportation assistance – Christie’s Place provides bus passes and Lyft service for eligible clients who need help getting to and from medical appointments.