Sarah Rojas

Sarah Rojas, MD, MAS, AAHIVS, began her career in HIV as a researcher at UC San Diego’s HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center. She has participated in both clinical and research components of HIV and its related comorbidities, and has worked in various roles at organizations delivering medical care and supportive services to people living with HIV in San Diego. Dr. Rojas was a founding member of the UCSD School of Medicine Mentorship Program, established over 10 years ago to help underserved students get into medical school. She also helped to establish the HIV track in Family Health Centers of San Diego’s Residency Program, where she taught various sessions on how to prescribe PrEP, care for patients living with HIV, and implement medical services through a culturally-sensitive lens. Dr. Rojas currently works at Sharp Rees Stealy in San Diego.