Aida Araujo

Evaluation and Impact Specialist

Funny, Caring, Pragmatic

Aida was initially connected with Christie’s Place through a school internship that allowed her to volunteer with us. Prior to learning about the work done at Christie’s, the HIV/AIDS field had always been taught to Aida through an academic lens. During the time she began volunteering, Aida was interested more in the “human” side of HIV/AIDS rather than the strictly scientific side that was taught in school. She says, “In a way, I feel that Christie’s Place found me, and the work and care that I’ve seen being put towards clients is what made me want to continue working with Christie’s Place.” What inspires Aida is serving people. She shares, “I am excited to have joined the team, and am looking forward to contributing my best efforts to the organization and the people it serves”. If asked to write a book about her life, she would title it “The Stereotypical Sagittarius” for the irony as Aida does not believe in astrology. Yet, she finds that every astrology enthusiast she has met has accurately guessed her zodiac signs. She suggests that she apparently lives up to the descriptions. In her spare time, Aida enjoys swimming, dancing, and binge watching television shows.