Alfonso Quezada

Retention Specialist

Creative, Optimistic, Loving

Alfonso Quezada has been a part of Christie’s Place for nearly 15 years. He was introduced to TerryAlbritton during his immigration asylum case and it was she that suggested that Alfonso volunteer atChristie’s Place. For a year, he would go to English classes at City College and then spend the afternoons at Christie’s Place. After winning his asylum case, he finally decided to apply for a job at the agency. Alfonso’s most memorable moments in the decade he has spent working at CP consist of seeing the growth of the agency, which makes him very proud. His inspiration comes from clients who motivate him to keep moving forward and fighting for our mission every day. If Alfonso had to write a book about his life he would name it, Amor Sin Fronteras (Love Without Borders). He met his husband Thomas in Tijuana, Mexico. They spent five years together in Tijuana until he was granted asylum. That’s when they began their life together in San Diego. It has been twenty-two years since