Magdalena Pimentel

Peer Navigator

Caregiver, Strong, Courteous

Magdalena Pimentel is the newest member of staff at Christie’s Place and we are so lucky to grow with her. Since she began working with us earlier this summer, she has fully embraced her role in the community. She is determined to empower both women living with HIV and providers with education and updated resources to best serve our community. Helping the community, including her family are friends is what inspires her. After learning about Christine’s Place from a friend and seeing how employees cared for the community, she was encouraged to join the team. What she has learned most during her time here is that there are so many resources available to the community. Thus far, her most memorable moment as a member of the team was the Back to School Party we hosted in August.She says, “Seeing the family’s faces when receiving the backpacks and shoes was priceless.” The title of the book about her life would be, “In the name of my Lord!” Nothing Can Stop Me